Monday, February 2, 2009

Rent-A-Wreck of Reno, NV................................ Dishonest Gain Doesn't Pay!

This is a review I wrote about the Rent-A-Wreck of Reno office and it's parent company for Google Maps.
295 Gentry Way # 6 Reno, NV 89502

Double charged our second credit card and refuses to refund.
Gerry of Rent a Wreck of Reno on 295 Gentry Way #6, Reno NV. On 9/08/2008 I made a reservation to rent a car from Rent a Wreck of Reno for seven days. When trying to decide if we should rent elsewhere, we called them to discuss our options. We told them we would call them right back with our final decision. When we called a few minutes later, we told the manager, Jerry, that we would go ahead and keep our reservation, but he had already charged us a cancellation fee, and we did not know it until our Visa bill came. He charged the rental to our Mastercard.I have tried to call Rent a Wreck of Reno for several weeks. Once, I reached Jerry, but when I told him that I had been charged a cancellation fee, he said he had to get back to me later. Now, he will not answer the phone at all, and it is supposed to be a legitimate business, but after renting there, my husband said it was quite a backwards operation. We would just like the fifty dollar cancellation fee returned to us, since we did go ahead and keep our part of the bargain and rented the car. We have filed a BBB case against you. Case no. 11008034. We will also be filing a formal complaint with Rent a Wreck.
Update 2/2/2009.
We contacted Rent-A-Wreck corporate headquarters and were unble to get even a response. We were completely ignored. We finally through the help of the BBB and our credit card provider, we were issued a $50.00 charge back. As a business traveler that averages 35,000 to 40,000 road miles per year and many airline miles this is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Consumers BEWARE.

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